Some private magazines or blogs have published some of my work. There is nothing more beautiful than sharing with people what I was able to experience during that day.

Oh hey, beautiful midnight blue bridesmaid dresses for this absolutely epic destination wedding. Ele and Ugo wanted to get married in the ultimate destination in Europe Puglia. And they did it! They had the most picturesque day with a purple, pink and blue colour palette. Along with country-style alfresco dining and simple rustic styling. Keep scrolling, it's a jaw-dropper, and we know you're going to love it as much as we do.

From South Africa to Iceland, passing through 26 countries on each of the 5 continents: the 10th edition of the Belief Awards 2018 is a journey around the world, to discover the different ways of understanding and experiencing marriage.

Yety and Benjamin worked with IVAN L'ASTORINA to photograph their Nigerian engagement ceremony and western wedding the following day. Read on to see how this couple used their gold, ivory, lavender, and purple color scheme at all three wedding events.  

could probably write a book about that weekend - about all the little details and the things i'll remember forever, but i'll leave you with these gorgeous photos from their photographer IVAN L'ASTORINA. needless to say, the one in which we are all smiles with the newly wedded couple is my absolute favorite! if you'd like to see more snapshots from behind the scenes, i recommend checking out their hashtag #KIMPLUSGREG on instagram...