Hilary and William are a wonderful couple who are from Canada! A truly elegant couple, like all the rest of the guests, I think I have never seen such kindness and good heart!They organized their truly intimate wedding thanks to the help of a great wedding planner Ines, chief of the Mr and Mrs Wedding in Italy agency. Ines took care of and satisfied everything the couple had requested down to the smallest detail. Their story is truly amazing. They came here to Italy on a cruise, and their dream was that at the stop on the Amalfi coast, they would have wanted to crown their dream in the beautiful Hotel Santa Caterina by celebrating the ceremony in the beautiful garden of the hotel with the city of Amalfi as a backdrop.It was all really fantastic and exciting, and it's couples like them that make me love my job.I hope to see you soon.

Wedding Planner: Mr&Mrs Wedding in Italy

Venute: Hotel Santa Caterina Amalfi